Age discrimination is when you are treated differently and unfairly because of your age. It is also when you are treated differently and unfairly because of people’s opinions or perceptions about your age.

The Government is developing a law that would protect everyone from age discrimination when they need medical treatment, when they need educational services; are buying goods and insurance; accessing public transport and or renting a house. These are all examples of what the government is calling ‘Goods, Facilities and Services’ (GFS).

Public consultation 

The proposed legislation is out for public consultation. We, the young people of the NICCY Youth Panel (NYP) are appalled that those under 16 years of age will be excluded and deliberately discriminated against if the legislation goes through as proposed. 

The NYP submitted a response to the consultation which you can view here. Follow the links for information on:

  1.  ‘How do I respond to the GFS Consultation’. Please note the closing date for the submission of responses is 5pm on Thursday 8 October 2015;
  2. ‘Key information to include in your GFS response


Check out #dontexcludeus for the awareness raising poster campaign and use the templates to get involved.

Despite being presented with an abundance of evidence telling them why all children and young people should be included in this protection, Junior Minister McCann and former Junior Minister Bell announced that proposals would only apply to people aged 16 and over.

The NICCY Youth Panel (NYP) feels that the government’s proposed legislation is unfair because it excludes under 16s. You can watch the video they made to explain this here: 

Children and Young Person's Report 

We have produced a children and young people’s briefing report and supporting workshops which you can download here:

To help increase awareness of GFS  to young people NICCY has developed 2 workshops: