The Children and Young People’s Summit will be an exciting opportunity for children and young people to be directly involved in the UNCRC 30th Celebrations.

NICCY is providing a limited and wonderful opportunity for a number of children and young people to make their own impression on this day of celebration.

Through ongoing engagement with children and young people, both of primary and post-primary ages, we know there are many issues that concern children and young people. For example, this feedback includes protecting the environment; issues about our education system (special educational needs/transfer test/integrated education, etc.); how the conflict (the ‘troubles’) affect children and young people; mental health concerns and the impact of social media.

NICCY, working with members of our Youth Panel, has selected 8 children and young people to deliver a short presentation to a panel of experts and/or decision makers on issues of importance to them and their peers. They will have the opportunity to express how their rights are not some intangible aspiration but are in fact everyday realities that impact their lives, both positively and sometimes negatively.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints, not all applicants were selected to present at the Summit. However, you can still promote your message in other ways. For example, if you make a video of your presentation, we will show these videos during the Celebration Day at W5 and through the NICCY website. Get in touch with us at with subject line of ‘C&YP SUMMIT' or send hard copies to C&YP SUMMIT, NICCY, Equality House, 7-9 Shaftesbury Square, Belfast. BT2 7DP