Our new Corporate Plan

Thanks to all those who responded to the consultation on our new Corporate Plan. We are reviewing the responses and will finalise the plan early in the new Year. 

Background and Context

We have focused on NICCY’s statutory duties and functions, with particular emphasis on the identified priorities of the Commissioner - Child Poverty, Educational Inequalities, Mental Health and the Legacy of the Conflict.

The content has also been influenced by listening to young people as well as a wide range of stakeholders in the Childrens and Young People’s Sector, whose work impacts on their lives. 

The consultation is timely given the UN Committee’s Concluding Observations earlier this year, where a set of recommendations was given to our Government to improve how they deliver for our children and young people. The Children's Services Co-operation Act, has also provided a strong mechanism to ensure a much more joined up approach to how Government provides and delivers services for children and young people. In addition to this the Executive has recently consulted on a draft of the next Programme for Government  and a Children’s and Young People's Strategy, which will set out specifically how Government  plans to act to improve the lives of our children and young people, will come out for consultation late September. NICCY has provided substantial advice and input to all of these, in line with our remit. 

While NICCY’s Corporate plan will have to be delivered within the current challenging context, the intention is for it to be a real driver for change in improving the lives of, and outcomes for, children and young people in Northern Ireland through making sure that their rights are respected.