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Commissioner Comments on ruling that UK Government’s Education Secretary ‘unlawfully scrapped children’s rights’

25 Nov 2020

Welcoming yesterday’s English Court of Appeal ruling that the UK Government’s Education Secretary ‘unlawfully scrapped children’s rights’ by failing to consult England’s Children’s Commissioner and other child rights advocates, Koulla Yiasouma, Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People, said,

“This is a huge win for vulnerable children and has ramifications for Government and Agencies in Northern Ireland.

“It is a reminder to all Governments and all relevant authorities that, even in extraordinary times such as these, and perhaps even more so, effective consultation with children and young people and those who advocate for them, is still an integral part of decision making.

"Whilst I, on the whole, enjoy a constructive working relationship with the NI Executive and Assembly, this is an important ruling which clearly sets out the fundamental importance of ensuring my Office and other child rights advocates are effectively consulted with about important decisions that will affect the lives of children. I encourage all relevant authorities to read this judgement carefully to ensure that they do not fall foul of it.”


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