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Cost of Education

Two of the Commissioner’s priority areas are child poverty and education. Through NICCY’s ongoing engagement with children and young people, their parents and guardians on these subject areas, the issue of the costs associated with education has been consistently raised. Young people, their parents and guardians have told NICCY that the costs associated with education is impacting on the ability of children and young people to fully participate in their education.

April 2018 Update

NICCY Survey

In February 2017, NICCY commissioned a survey of parents across Northern Ireland, to identify the amount parents are having to spend in relation to the education of their children, and how affordable these costs are.  The survey is based on a representative sample of 1,006 parents across Northern Ireland. 

You can find out more by reading our press release here.

What at you paying?

Use the Cost Calculator below to work out how much you are paying and then let us know on our Facebook page or Twitter using #NIEduCost

Cost Calculator

You can use our cost calculator to see how much you spend on your child's education and how this compares with the average of £1222 per child

Click here to use the calculator


We have a range of infographics which you can view by clicking this link:

NICCY Cost of Education Infographics

 More Information

Please contact Alex Tennant for more information. 

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