NICCY is carrying out a Children’s Rights Based Review of Special Educational Needs (SEN) Provision in Mainstream Schools.

Educational Psychologist Survey

As part of its Rights Based Review of the SEN process in Mainstream Schools, NICCY recognises the central role of educational psychologists in the process. To date evidence from the SEN review has highlighted the importance of the educational psychologist in the assessment of children with a suspected additional educational need. It is the educational psychologist who assesses what issues are preventing the child from learning and what support is needed to assist them. In addition the educational psychologist will also recommend whether the child receives a statement of educational need which is a statutory document that entitles a child to additional support and assistance beyond what the school has to offer. These are the areas where parents and carers and other key stakeholders are repeatedly saying are the areas of concern; citing long delays to see an educational psychologist as adversely impacting on a child’s education.

To understand the views and experiences of the educational psychologists themselves we have developed a questionnaire which will be sent out to the profession asking them their opinions and to learn more about their experiences of the process and how it could possibly be improved.

Follow this link to take part in the survey

Parent's Survey 

Our survey has now closed and we are looking at the results along with Stranmillis University College, Belfast who are completing the survey on our behalf.

Review Background

We will gather evidence in the following areas:

  • Extent of SEN in mainstream schools;
  • Whether needs are being met;
  • Children’s and young people’s and their parents’/carers’ and school’s experiences of accessing services for SEN; and
  • Types of SEN services and supports young people have accessed or attempted to access and the impact this has had.

As the review will focus on children on the SEN register the target age range for the review will be up to 19 years old.

More Information 

We will update this page as the Review progresses, and you if have any queries please contact