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Children and Young People Living in a Digital World

The NICCY Youth Panel has been invited to participate is a European wide initiative focussing on ‘Children and Young People Living in a Digital World’.


The European Network of Youth Advisors, or ENYA, is a young person’s participatory project, supported by the European Network of Ombudspersons for Children (ENOC).  The purpose of this network is to bring together young people involved with ENOC members and to give them a distinctive voice linked to ENOC’s annual working theme of Children’s Rights in the Digital Environment.  

ENOC will produce a well-informed statement on the subject of ‘Children’s Rights in the Digital Environment’ that will address recommendations across the member states. Young people’s recommendations, through ENYA will form part of its statement.

The aim of the ENYA initiative is:

  • To explore issues related to children’s rights in the digital environment
  • To identify a set of key recommendations to present at the ENYA Brussels Forum (25th & 26th June 2019)

Key Issues

The Youth Panel have met and explored this issue a number of times and are focusing on the following key issues:

  • Data Security:
    • What happens C&YP’s information, especially once they delete their account on a social media platform?
    • What benchmarks are in place to decide on whether offending posts are removed or not?
  • Media Engagement:
    • How social media and young people are portrayed in the media.
    • What impact does body image pressures have on C&YP’s mental health? 
  • Digital Detox:
    • Some members of the panel have decided to give up social media for three weeks and are keeping a diary of their experiences.
    • You can find out more here
  • Terms and Conditions:
    • These are often written and presented in a non-C&YP friendly format.
    • Are C&YP aware how their information/images/messages can be used?
    • How can ‘Terms and Conditions’ be presented in an easier, clearer and shorter way?

What happened next? 

Two members of the Youth Panel, Aideen McHugh and Madeleine McKnight attended the ENYA Conference in Brussels from the 25th – 26th June. Here, they shared their recommendations with other young representatives from 18 other European Child Rights Institutions and set about agreeing a formal set of recommendations to go forward to ENOC for their Annual Statement.

On the first morning for the conference, Aideen and Madeleine presented the Youth Panel’s experiences to the audience. A full report can be found here.

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