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Negative Stereotyping (Disable the Label)

Disable the Label logoHave you ever been told to leave your bags outside a shop?

Have you ever read a negative story printed by the media?


Have Your Say

If you have been treated in this way we would like to hear from you. As part of the initiative we hope to write a report to highlight and bring the issue to people's attention, that's why we want to hear about your experiences.

If you have any questions on this or anything else around 'Disable the Label' you can contact a member of the Participation Team at participation@niccy.org or 028 9013 1616.

What is stereotyping

Labelling can be defined in lots of different ways these include:

  •  Labelling a group without knowing the facts
  • A generalisation, usually exaggerated or oversimplified and often offensive, that is used to describe a group based on little facts or knowledge

You can read more about how to define stereotyping follow these links:

NICCY Youth Panel Initiative

This initiative was set up by the NICCY Youth Panel, to try to help with the issue of negative stereotyping. Stereotyping was seen as a huge problem to children and young people today. We decided to set up the initiative to try and help this. We believe media are sometimes responsible for shaping peoples opinions and think that by getting the media to publish realistic pictures of young people today will help to improve stereotyping.

What we've done so far

The Youth Panel have decided to make negative stereotyping the focus of their initiative for the 2010/11 Business Year.

So far we have

  • Held meetings to establish the campaign and have drafted an action plan.
  • Promoted our campaign at key events around Northern Ireland.
  • Created new and innovative ways to help people understand what stereotyping is.
  • Met with key politicians to take the fight for negative stereotyping to them.
  • Created a campaign pack to help anyone who wants to help people get involved you can download the campaigners pack here.
  • Created the video above to publicise the campaign.

To follow the progress of the initiative, watch this space for more updates.

Before we started this group NICCY and the Youth Panel have carried out some work on stereotyping and discrimination, including an 'International Youth Day' Youtube video: 

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