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You can see NICCY and ECNI’s joint work below which will inform NICCY’s future work.GFS - Strengthening Protections for Children and Young People - cover.jpg

  • Read our joint document for more on how and why we are working together to strengthen protection for children and young people when accessing goods, facilities and services.


NICCY and ECNI worked together on this issue to press government to include all children and young people in this legislation. We are also looking at how we can use the law to challenge government if they do not include children and young people in the extension of the legislation. This document is a summary of the Policy Paper and its Executive Summary –  which the Expert Legal Paper is based on, the MLA Briefing Paper and the Children and Young Person’s Report.

Case Studies

Policy Paper

Expert Legal Paper

Our ‘recommendations for reform’ were informed by a range of considerations, including an expert paper (April 2013) provided by Robin Allen QC and Dee Masters BL of Cloisters (legal chambers) in London.

  • Expert Paper – Robin Allen QC, Dee Masters BL (2013): in the matter of the rights of children and young people and proposed legislation in Northern Ireland to protect against age discrimination in the provision of goods facilities and services.
  • Executive SummaryNICCY GFS Young Persons Report - Oct 13 cover .jpg
  • Appendices

Children and Young Person’s Report 

We have also produced a children and young people’s briefing report and supporting workshops which you can download here:

To help increase awareness of GFS  to young people NICCY has developed 2 workshops: