Government processes delivering on children’s rights

HLCO 1: Government will meet its obligations to undertake all the appropriate legislative, administrative and other measures for the implementation of the UNCRC.  

Summary of our work

NICCY has eight High Level Corporate Objectives (HLCO) and under number One we are working on the following:

Under Article 4 of the UNCRC states that governments must put in place all appropriate legal, administrative and other measures to properly implement children’s rights. The Committee on the Rights of the Child have explained that this means developing a ‘national action plan’ to deliver on children’s rights, and showing that they are providing sufficient money for children’s services. Government must report periodically to the Committee about how they are doing this, and we also provided our assessment of how this was being achieved, and our advice to government about implementing the Committee’s recommendations. Central to all of this is making sure that everyone – including governments, their agencies and the Committee – are listening to children and young people and actively involving them in these processes.