Increasing awareness of children’s rights, the UNCRC and of NICCY

HLCO 3: Key stakeholders will have an increased awareness of children and young people’s rights, the UNCRC and the functions of the Commissioner (Articles 17, 42).

Summary of our work

NICCY has eight High Level Corporate Objectives (HLCO) and under number Three we are working on the following:

NICCY has a duty to promote an awareness of children’s and young people’s rights, and to create an understanding of the role and functions of the Commissioner and her Office. Communicating our work and what we do, and listening to what others tell us in the process, is a key priority for the Office. This work is coordinated through our Stakeholder Engagement and Communications Strategies, with outworking across a range of areas such as our UNCRC Awareness Raising Programme, stakeholder communications (online, media, general) and Legal CPD programme.