Covid and Moving Towards Easement

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There has been a lot of discussion about easing the lockdown measures and clarity issued by the NI Executive on the 12th of May outlining the next steps are reassuring and helpful.

I commend the Executive for confirming that we will only progress to the next steps when there is good scientific evidence that it is safe to do so whilst outlining what the next stages will be.

Children and young people across Northern Ireland have generally responded phenomenally well to the restrictions.  They have stayed inside, discovered new hobbies, found their creativity, continued their schoolwork and often stayed in bed until midday.  Many have not experienced the rites of passage they expected to and they will be telling their story of the Covid-19 pandemic for a long time.

The views and experiences of our children and young people are vital as we begin our 5 steps to recovery.  They will help us to stay safe, protect and ultimately enhance our key services and save lives.