Children’s Commissioner Statement – Paramilitary Parade

14 November 2016 News

“As Commissioner for Children and Young People, my primary concern is their best interests.

“It is the role of parents to make decisions for their children about how they participate in parades.

“It is my role to make sure that relevant authorities are doing their job in terms of protecting children and young people.

“I don’t believe it’s in a child’s best interest to be involved in any display of paramilitary activity, in any community.

“In the absence of an agreed narrative on our history and full consideration of how we educate our children on the conflict, this sort of activity will fill the void.

“I will be speaking to the relevant authorities, including the Parades Commission, to seek clarification that the right checks and balances are considered when children and young people may be involved in public demonstrations and events.”


For more information please contact Patrice Morris Communications Officer at , 028 9031 1616, mobile – 07917 544 177.