Commissioner Gravely Concerned for Children kept in Muckamore Abbey Hospital

18 January 2007 News

Patricia Lewsley, the Commissioner for Children and Young People has today expressed her grave concern at media reports that there are 17 children and young people being inappropriately kept in Muckamore Abbey Hospital.

“I was shocked to hear that these very vulnerable children and young people have been denied the services they need and I have asked the Trust today to confirm the numbers of children and young people involved.” she said.

NICCY will also be meeting consultant medical staff to hear their views and to meet the children and young people concerned.

Ms Lewsley said “My office has consistently raised with government the need for adequate resources for the Mental Health and Learning Disability Services as highlighted in the Bamford Review. I will now be asking the Minister, Mr Paul Goggins, why these children and young people have remained in hospital despite this being directly contrary to government policy”

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