Commissioner Launches Anti Bullying Campaign in Omagh

3 November 2003 News

Nigel Williams, Commissioner for Children and Young People for Northern Ireland, today joined the Chief Executive and Chair of the Western Education and Library Board to launch the Board’s new anti-bullying poster campaign and the Board’s policy on combating bullying.

In his remarks Mr Williams emphasised the importance of everyone involved in education working to prevent bullying. He said “It is every child’s right to be accepted for who they are, no matter what their background may be… every child has a right to an education in a safe, tolerant environment.”

Mr Williams stressed that bullying could be triggered by many things, but highlighted problems caused by mobile phone texting, school bus journeys and changing fashions. The Commissioner especially called for greater efforts to involve young people in decision making in schools and in anti bullying measures, so that they felt they had more of a stake in the school.

To read the full text of the Commissioner’s speech click here.