Commissioner Welcomes Ban of Mephedrone

1 April 2010 News

Statement from the Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People, Patricia Lewsley, welcoming the decision to ban Mephedrone:

“The protection of children and young people should be a priority for everyone.

“The classification of drugs is a Home Office responsibility. When a substance is deemed to be a danger to children and young people, decisions must be made quickly to remove risks.

“I am therefore pleased that positive action has been taken in banning this drug to give recognition to the danger it poses to our children and young people. I hope that this will mean that mephedrone is less widely available, which should therefore reduce the risk of harm from it.

“We must listen to children, young people and their families about the reality of their lives. It is essential they are educated on the real risks of substance abuse, and enabled to access appropriate services. If children and young people have been misusing substances they must be given immediate support and guidance.”