Could You be a Master of Children’s Rights?

22 June 2012 News

The Commissioner for Children and Young People, in partnership with St Mary’s University College, Belfast, has developed a brand new and unique Masters Module called ‘Children’s Rights and Education’.

The module brings the issue of children’s rights to life and makes them practical within a classroom setting for both primary and post-primary stages; it will give qualified teachers and related professionals

a distinct advantage in delivering the revised Northern Ireland Curriculum in a way that involves the active participation of children and young people.

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Practical support can also be given to the Master’s student after they complete the module to help embed their learning into their school’s policies and practice to make the whole school rights compliant.

You can complete this module in just 5 days from 2nd – 6th July 2012. The module will address issues including safeguarding, inclusion, participation, disabilities, mental health, care and poverty within the context of children’s rights internationally, nationally and locally.

“Teachers are vital in helping shape our communities and helping children and young people have a say in decisions that affect their lives,” said Patricia Lewsley-Mooney, Commissioner for Children and Young People. This module can support teachers to do this in a very practical and effective way in a classroom setting.

“Master’s Students can also be supported by my staff to embed their learning into the whole school’s practice representing real value for money in terms of teacher training.”

Frank Quinn, Professional Studies Coordinator, St Mary’s University College said: “Whilst the selling point of this module is that it’s very practical and hands-on it’s also academically rigorous and is validated by Queen’s University Belfast.

“It will contribute significantly to any Masters of Education Degree and would be a welcome addition to any teaching CV because of its very unique and new nature.”

  • For further information about the Masters module ‘Children’s Rights and Education’ or for information about applying please telephone 028 9032 7678 or email