Government moves on NICCY vetting recommendations

27 November 2006 News

THE Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People, Barney McNeany, today welcomed the Government’s announcement of greater co-operation between Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland on tracking sex offenders.

Under a memorandum of understanding signed today governments on both sides of the border have agreed that information will be made available on sex offenders between the two jurisdictions.

Last year NICCY produced a key report on vetting, which is the process of checking adults who want to work, or volunteer to work with, children to make sure that they are suitable.

“One of the key recommendations of our ‘Right to Protection’ report was increased co-operation both nationally and internationally to make sure that people who shouldn’t work with children are prevented from doing so,” said Mr McNeany.

“Today’s announcement from the two governments represents an important first step in that co-operation.

“We now look forward to seeing Government implementing all the recommendations set out in our report.”

Notes for Editors

  • NICCY’s Vetting Review – entitled ‘A Right to Protection’ can be found here