“I know it’s hard, but it’s essential” – Children’s Commissioner

21 March 2020 News
“I know it’s hard, but it’s essential” - Cover

“I really understand that this is hard and confusing for you.  You have been robbed of so many of the things that young people do, of gathering together to meet your friends to celebrate the end of school year, especially if this is your GCSE or A level year.  It is normal to want to do these things, but these are not normal times.

“From now and until this crisis passes, there is no longer adults and children, young and old, us and you, there is just us – we are in this together and we must work together with this one chance we have to stay as safe and healthy as possible.

“There was a beginning, there is a middle and there will be an end, but that end will be further away if we don’t work as one.

“You will have seen a lot of information about older people and vulnerable people being most at risk and this is true. This means that as young people you have a lower risk, but it does not mean you have NO risk.  It means that you have to do everything you can not to get the virus, so that you don’t pass it on to older and vulnerable family and friends.

“Tougher restrictions may come when we are forced to remain indoors, but in the meantime we have a choice to go for walks and show society that we care and are willing to play our part.

“For now make the most of the fact that your parents and carers won’t tell you to get off your screens as much and use social media to communicate with your friends as well as continuing your studies.  Keep yourselves and everyone around you safe by washing your hands properly, isolating where necessary and distancing by 2 meters at all times.

“We can get through this, but only if we all play our part.”


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