It’s What any Parent Would Do

18 February 2016 News

The Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People, Koulla Yiasouma, speaking about why NICCY is taking part in first CareDay said:

‘I welcome Northern Ireland’s first ever Care Day and am delighted to be able to be involved. It is an important step in raising awareness and increasing understanding of some of the challenges faced by children and young people living in care.

Most children and young people grow up in the safety and security of their families and receive the care and support they need. But for various reasons some children do not and there may be no alternative but to take them into care.

The Commissioner said: ‘It is essential that when children and young people are in care, they receive the same level of support, love and attention that other children and young people receive within the family setting.

“It is the duty of all our public authorities to provide full care, support and all opportunities for children to overcome any challenges and reach their full potential.

To mark the day, the Commissioner will be joined by Alex Cowan, both to shadow her but also to share some of his experiences and make sure that her work also applies to looked after children.

Alex said: “I am looking forward to spending time in NICCY and finding out from Koulla what she’s already done for children in care and how she might develop that work further.”


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