NICCY Enters the Blogosphere!

13 December 2005 News

Commissioner launches online diary

THE Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People, Nigel Williams has launched NICCY into the ‘blogosphere’ with an online diary, or ‘blog’, capturing his many meetings with children and young people and organisations representing them.

A blog (weblog) is a website that is just like a diary. Mr Williams said his NICCYblog is one of the many ways he is keeping children and young people up-to-date on his work.

You can find it at

“In my experience children and young people are much more media literate and I know many have their own blogs,” he said.

“A lot of children and young people are visiting the new NICCY website, and I wanted a way that I could keep them and others, up-to-date on what I am doing and who I am meeting.

“The blog lets me record right away some of the meetings I attend and some of the children and young people I meet in a way that a traditional newsletter or even a website could not.”

The NICCYblog also allows visitors to place comments about the entries on the blog.

“This means people can tell me exactly what they think on what I say and help us to hear their views in a very direct way,” said the commissioner.

MEDIA ENQUIRIES For more information please contact Andrew McGall, Communication Officer at NICCY on 028 9031 1616 or