Online Child Abuse Images – National Crime Agency Operation

16 July 2014 News

16 July 2014

Commenting on the National Crime Agency’s operation targeting people accessing child abuse images online, Patricia Lewsley – Mooney, Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People said:

“The internet in all its forms is a tremendous resource for children and young people, and one which has opened up more possibilities in the past five years than anyone could have predicted.

“Unfortunately, it also provides opportunities for those willing to abuse children.

“We know that many offenders who start by accessing indecent images online go on to abuse children directly so I congratulate the National Crime Agency on this operation which has safeguarded over 400 children across the UK from risk.

“However, more needs to be invested into a consistent and sustained approach to protect vulnerable children and bring those who are willing to abuse them to justice.

“This requires a societal effort to make sure that those people, whoever they are, or whatever they work as, cannot hide from the law when they pose a risk to children.”


Notes to Editors

  • – The Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People was established in 2003 by the Assembly and Parliament to: “safeguard and promote the rights and best interests of children and young people”.
  • – The Commissioner will not be commenting further while investigations are ongoing

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