Road Safety Call to Government

22 February 2008 News

NICCY tells Committee of need to reduce child deaths

NORTHERN Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People, Patricia Lewsley today called for Government action to reduce road deaths.

Members of the Commissioner’s team presented NICCY’s Policy on Transport and Road Safety to today’s Environment Committee.

“The Government targets to reduce by 50% the number of children and young people killed on our roads must be supported by clear action by all Government departments,” said Ms Lewsley.

“As well as today’s meeting with the Environment Committee NICCY’s policy will be communicated directly to the Minister.

“Key to that will be the Minister including specific measures on her Comprehensive Road Safety Strategy which will improve safety for children, including safer routes to schools, safe walking and cycling routes.”

The Commissioner said she was also concerned that young people’s transport and safety issues need to be addressed by other Government Departments such as the Department of Regional Development.

“While I am bringing forward recommendations specific to the Minister for the Environment and the committee – such as the introduction of new Graduated Driver Licensing – I want all Government departments to act to improve road safety and identify how they can improve transport for children and young people.”

Ms Lewsley said her policy had been shaped by the view of children and young people.