Statement regarding Easter Monday disorder in Derry

10 April 2023

Chief Executive of NICCY, Mairead McCafferty, said: “The recent disorder which we have witnessed clearly shows children and young people are not being properly safeguarded against exploitation by so called ex-paramilitaries – criminal gangs.

“The issues facing young people in these situations can include being subject to threats and intimidation, exclusion, or being coerced into involvement in violent acts or even drug distribution by these gangs.  Such behaviours are obviously unacceptable, unwanted and have to be stopped.

The Chief Executive, continued: “Having had discussions with statutory, voluntary and community organisations over recent years we know there are levels of vulnerabilities affecting our children and young people who can easily be targeted.

“I would implore politicians to get back into our Assembly and Executive to continue to tackle these problems head on, otherwise they will continue to be passed down through our younger generation.

“Guidance and procedures must fully address the issues because these orchestrated incidences show the fragility that still exists within communities.  The adults involved in such coercion and exploitation of young people have to be held accountable and stopped.”

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