Teachers Take Children’s Rights Online

15 June 2011 News

NORTHERN Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People (NICCY) has congratulated two Portadown teachers and a teacher from Parkgate, for their dedicated efforts piloting a new children’s rights online resource.

Speaking as he presented teachers with their certificates, Ken Smyth, Participation Manager for NICCY thanked them for their dedication and enthusiasm to the course.

Deborah Roberts and Nicola McKeown, from Portadown Integrated Primary School and Mrs Peden from Parkgate Primary School, took part in the five week pilot programme teaching ‘Children’s Rights in Education Key Stage 1’.

The pilot was developed by NICCY and Amnesty International to challenge teachers to deliver online resources on children’s rights, into the classroom and then to professionally critique each module online.

“This course brings children’s rights online, providing teachers with new tools to continue their knowledge of rights and to share their professional learning’s with fellow teachers,” said Mr Smyth.

“Congratulations to Deborah, Nicola and Mrs Peden for their commitment in trialling this resource with such promising results.”

Stella Murray, Project Coordinator for Amnesty International said: “I have enjoyed working in partnership with NICCY, the pilot has benefited from our respective knowledge of Rights and Early Years education.

“I look forward to working with NICCY in the future to build upon the success of this pilot and to produce further online courses on Children’s Rights for teachers in Northern Ireland.”