THE Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People, Barney McNeany, today welcomed the Whizzkids and Barnardo’s report on the problems children face when they need wheelchairs.

23 June 2006 News

The Commissioner warned that action needed to be taken soon to prevent children facing increasing difficulties in accessing wheelchairs when they need them.

“NICCY has received complaints from children about the length of time they have to wait for a wheelchair,” he said. “And they are concerned that the wheelchairs themselves are not always suitable for young people.

“The tragedy is that too often children and young people wait so long for a wheelchair that their condition has deteriorated, and any benefit they may have received from a wheelchair is lost.”

Mr McNeany said that today’s report from Barnardo’s and Whizzkids was an important step to increase the pressure for change.

The Commissioner also encouraged children and young people, or their parents or carers, to contact his office if they have a complaint about the services they receive or the way they have been treated.

The NICCY office can be reached on 028 9031 1616 or by using this website.