Welcome for Early Intervention Report

27 July 2012 News

CHIEF Executive for the Commissioner Children and Young People, Mairéad McCafferty, today welcomed the publication of the Criminal Justice Inspectorate for Northern Ireland’s Report on ‘Early Youth Interventions’.

The Commissioner has consistently drawn attention to the potential benefits of early intervention and prevention approaches to improve outcomes for children and their families, and redirect young people away from the criminal justice system.

“We have always recognised the valuable work undertaken across a range of early intervention projects and programmes,” said Ms McCafferty.

“However, there is a need for greater co-ordination of this provision and for a specific strategy to ensure the optimum delivery and impact of these programmes.”

In supporting the report’s recommendation for a greater commitment from Government to early intervention approaches through the development of an appropriate, long-term strategic framework, Ms McCafferty also endorsed the report’s call for ‘a joined-up system of governance, accountability, funding, delivery and evaluation of outcomes’.