Welcome for New Children’s Hospital Announcement

21 October 2013 News

21 October 2013

Mrs Lewsley-Mooney has been a long time advocate for providing a new facility to replace the existing 100-year old hospital.

“I have raised the urgent need for a new children’s hospital with the Minister for Health on a number of occasions” said the Commissioner.

“Shortly after coming into office I spoke with concerned parents and have also toured the facility to see the difficulties patients and staff have in working round the challenges that have arisen in such an old building.

“While long overdue, I welcome the statement from the Minister for Finance and Personnel, Mr Hamilton, and that of the Minister for Health, Social Services and Public Safety, Mr Poots.

“I now hope that work will not be delayed any further and that children in need of care and those in need of specialist skills provided on a regional level will have a facility suitable for them all.”

The Commissioner toured the hospital in 2008 and raised the issue then with the department for health. She has continued to raise the issue with the current Minister for Health.


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