Welcome for New Eating Disorder Service

2 March 2009 News

NORTHERN Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People, Patricia Lewsley has welcomed Government plans to open five specialist beds for the treatment of eating disorders.

Ms Lewsley said her office had dealt with several complex cases, which involved trying to secure treatment elsewhere in the British Isles.

“This disorder is distressing for the young person, their family and friends,” said the Commissioner. “I have contacted the Minister for Health on a number of occasions and I am glad he has listened to me and the many others that have called for this.

“I believe, however, that this announcement could have been made sooner, so that work would already be underway establishing the service as soon as possible.”

Ms Lewsley said she hoped that the five inpatient beds represent only the start of developing a service that will combine inpatient and community support for those suffering from an eating disorder.

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