Young People Deliver Video Verdict on Growing up in Northern Ireland

12 August 2008 News

THE Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People’s Youth Panel today delivered a damning video verdict on how adults regard teenagers. 

In a video produced to mark International Youth Day (August 12th) members of the Youth Panel explain how the majority of young people are not involved in any antisocial behaviour.

The video has been posted on video sharing website so others can hear the Youth Panel’s views directly.

Editor of the video, Tristan Boyle said too often media headlines missed the good work young people did.

“In this Olympic week there are hundreds of young people training to reach the top level at their sports, and there are thousands involved in sports because they enjoy it,” he said.

“There are hundreds of young people involved in drama, voluntary work and there are thousands studying for exams so they can contribute to Northern Ireland society.”

“If there are five children and young people accused of antisocial behaviour there are 499,995 who are not involved in it in any way,” said Deboragh Curley, who produced the video.

Commissioner, Patricia Lewsley, said: “The members of NICCY’s Youth Panel have used the powerful medium of video to explain complex issues that they feel very strongly about in a fun and entertaining way.

“Their voice can now be heard via the internet on this International Youth Day.”

Megan O’Kane of the Youth Panel explained that increasingly young people feel marginalised.

“We suffer from an adult world that threatens to criminalise young people through antisocial behaviour orders, and now seems to be planning dispersal orders if we even want to hang about with our friends.”

You can view the NICCY Youth Panel video on here.