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NICCY's Legal Work

The legislation which set up the office of the Children’s Commissioner gave NICCY legal powers. 

The Legal and Investigations team use these powers to try to help children and young people in a number of different ways.

One example is the power to start or help with legal proceedings, which involve law or practice concerning the rights or welfare of children or young people.  The legislation sets out when we can use this power.
Another example is the power to intervene (join) in legal proceedings.  The Commissioner will only do so if she can add value to the proceedings.

Legal Funding

NICCY can also, in certain circumstances, provide funding for legal proceedings, where there is no one else likely to provide funding (for example if legal aid has been refused). 

Legal Proceedings

If you would like to get more information about our legal work or apply for legal funding 
please contact our Legal and Investigations team.

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