Webinar - November 2018


Koulla Yiasouma, the NI Commissioner for Children and Young People (NICCY) and CCEA are joining together to host her first ever live chat for primary and post primary teachers and pupils to learn more about the United Nation Convention of the Child (UNCRC) and children’s rights. 

The webinars will take place on Tuesday 20 November 2018

Primary webinar: 10.00 – 10.45am
Post Primary webinar: 11.15 – 12.00pm

How to take part?

You can sign up to take part by registering on Eventbrite at: 

The video web conference will be hosted on Collaborate within MySchool and a link will be sent out prior to the 20 November. 

Pupils will have the chance to explore and ask questions about issues affecting them and find out more about how their lives are governed and how they can participate to improve the quality of their own lives.

Understanding of children’s rights and the UNCRC are key aspects of the PD&MU (Personal Development and Mutual Understanding) and LLW (Learning for Life & Work) curriculum and can be further explored with workshops and exercises in the UNCRC Resource.

 Engaging with children’s rights can help pupils to:

  • Respect their own rights and the rights of others;
  • Recognise the interdependence of people, communities and the environment; and
  • Contribute to the welfare of school, the community and the environment.’
  • Foundation, KS1 & KS2 pupils can progress through PDMU Strand 1 (Personal Understanding and Health) and Strand 2 (Mutual Understanding in the Local and Wider Community).
  • KS3 & KS4 pupils can progress through Learning for Life and Work, Local and Global Citizenship strand and especially the themes of Human Rights and Social Responsibility.

More information and preparation

You can find out more information and help prepare your pupils by visiting the UNCRC Resource Hub at www.ccea.org.uk/UNCRCResourceHub


In June 2016, the UN published a report known as 'Concluding Observations'. The report is about how the UK is doing at keeping the promises it made to children and young people through the UNCRC. 

One of these ‘observations’ was to simply Make children’s rights education mandatory”.

Although currently not mandatory, children’s and young people’s rights are reflected with the NI school curriculum throughout Key Stages 1 to 4.

CCEA Partnership 

Since 2016, NICCY have been working in partnership with CCEA to promote child rights education within the school environment through developing a series of animations and associated teacher training resources – which can be found at the UNCRC Resource Hub.