Adolescent Suicide Report (adult) final Nov 12- cover.jpg12 November 2012 

NICCY commissioned the research 'Still Vulnerable -The Impact of Early Childhood Experiences on Adolescent Suicide and Accidental Death'. You can view both the main and the young person's reports below:

In reading this report if you are worried about yourself or a friend then please talk to someone.

Young people who want to harm themselves need someone who will talk with them privately in an open and honest way, who will listen to them and help them find the help they need. If you feel you can’t speak to an adult you trust like a parent or teacher, then please contact ChildLine or Lifeline. They both offer confidential advice and support to young people, are open 24 hours a day and it won’t cost you anything to contact them.childline%20logo.jpg


NICCY have also issued guidance around the reporting of the reports which you can view here.