Mental Health Awareness Week – Body Image – ‘Loving Yourself No Matter What’

14 May 2019 Youth Panel Blog
Tree in the Shape of a head losing Leaves

Written by: Cara Skilling – NICCY Youth Panel

Who do you follow on Instagram?

Who has the perfect YouTube channel?

Who’s that person with the perfect life on Facebook?

It’s a celebrity, right?

Do they have perfect bodies? Yea, sure, but it’s unrealistic, unnatural and never something we’re going to achieve.

You may think, here’s some girl online telling me that I’ll never look perfect and yea it is exactly that but that’s because we don’t need to strive to perfection to be perfect in our own eyes.

Love your body, love your hair, your eyes, the dimples on your cheeks. They’re beautiful, you are beautiful.

The people you see when you open Instagram aren’t what normal looks like, so create your own normal, your own view of perfection. Not everyone is the same and not everyone has what is considered to be normal.

It’s time to celebrate our differences and time to celebrate how awesome that YOU are!

Remember that how a celebrity looks is beautiful, but here’s a secret, so are you ♥️

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