30th Anniversary – Education Zone

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NICCY Dudes Anniversary Koulla and Children

Education Zone: For every child, a great education – time to have your say!

During the conference, 133 primary and 57 post-primary pupils took part in our ‘Big Conversation on Education’.

In this interactive workshop, supported by the NI Assembly Education Service, children and young people had the opportunity to tell us whether they are experiencing their right to an effective education – one that enables them to develop their talents, skills, and abilities to the full. They then voted on the issues that are stopping children and young people from achieving their right to education. The biggest issues, identified by both primary and post-primary pupils, included:

  • The pressure put on young people to do well in exams
  • The cost of education for families
  • Academic selection
  • Children and young people not having a voice in schools about the issues that affect them
  • Insufficient mental health and well-being supports in schools

All this information and more will be used as we move forward with our educational work and our Statement of Children’s Rights in Northern Ireland report in 2020.