European Network of Young Advisors (ENYA)

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NICCY is a member of the European Network of Ombudspersons for Children (ENOC). Its aim is to facilitate the promotion and protection of the rights of children, as formulated in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

In 2010, ENOC launched the European Network of Young Advisors – ENYA – a young person participatory project supported by ENOC members. ENYA aims to ensure the meaningful and effective participation of young people by giving them a say on specific topics. They have the opportunity to express their concerns and views regarding their rights, to make their proposals heard, and to participate in the elaboration of common recommendations.

The NICCY Youth Panel (NYP) participates annually in ENYA initiatives.

ENYA 2021: The theme of ENYA 2021 was “Let’s talk young, let’s talk about the impact of COVID-19 on children’s rights”.

Between February and June 2021, NYP members participated in several meetings and activities at national level to share their experiences on what aspects of their lives have been impacted by laws and policies put in place by governments to tackle the pandemic and hear from professionals and experts on the impact of COVID-19 on issues such as education, poverty, mental health, domestic violence and participation.

Two panel members, Holly and Ellie, then participated in the ENYA Forum which took place on Zoom on 1-2 July 2021. 33 young people, 17 Coordinators, the ENOC Secretariat and several Ombudspersons and Commissioners for Children met online over this two day event. Each Country/region presented their work and recommendations and discussed various aspects of the impact of COVID-19 on children’s rights.

Young people who participated in the ENYA Online Forum also participated online in the ENOC 25th Annual Conference taking place on 27-28 September 2021 in a hybrid format (online and in person in Athens). ENYA young people moderated workshops on different rights affected by the COVID-19 pandemic (the right to education, the right to health, the right to protection from violence and abuse, the right to an adequate standard of living, the right to participation) and presented their recommendations to the participants in an interactive way.
Follow the links for further details about the ENYA programme and the ENYA Report and Recommendations on COVID-19: learning for the future. The ENYA recommendations are reflected in the ENOC Position Statement on “COVID-19: learning for the future”.

Fundamental Rights Forum:

The Fundamental Rights Forum 2021 from Vienna mobilised more than 3,000 people to engage in inspiring discussions during 145 sessions. It was arranged by the Fundamental Rights Agency which is the independent centre of reference and excellence for promoting and protecting human right across Europe.

At the Forum, Ellie joined other ENYA members from Albania, Greece, Italy, Malta, Scotland and Slovakia to talk about the impact of COVID-19 on children’s rights. This presentation was the only one out of the 145 that involved young people. You can find a recording of Ellie’s and the other young people’s presentation here.