UN day of general discussion

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This year (2018), the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child is devoting its Day of General Discussion (DGD) to ‘Children as Human Rights Defenders’.  It will be the first ever global discussion focusing on this area and aims to collect children’s experiences and views, address the barriers and challenges to them being/becoming human rights defenders and identify existing or future measures necessary to protect and promote them as such.  The Committee will also examine the State’s obligations to children acting as these ‘agents of change’ and make recommendations to duty bearers to create the conditions – on a child rights basis – necessary for this.

NICCY Submissions

We in NICCY support the right to defend human rights alongside the need to empower, facilitate and strengthen protections of human rights defenders.  We have submitted two papers to the Committee; one which provides an overview summary of the context in Northern Ireland and addressing areas the UN Committee has identified:

Young Person’s Submission

The second submission is from members of the NICCY Youth Panel, along with two videos: