NICCY youth panel

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NICCY Dudes Youth Panel

Background to the Youth Panel

The NICCY Youth Panel (NYP) is there to help inform/work with the Commissioner in a wide range of areas. 

The Youth Panel is made up of young people who share their experiences and thoughts with the Commissioner and their staff, and help NICCY make decisions about issues that affect children and young people.

There are 56 members of the panel representing different religions, different abilities and disabilities, and of different ethnic groups.

The members are also spread geographically throughout Northern Ireland.

You can find out more about who the Youth Panel are here

Youth Panel Members’ Area

The Youth Panel have their own private area of the website with resources, information and updates on the work they are involved in.

Members of the panel can click here to access the area

How to join the Youth Panel

We regularly look for new members of the Youth Panel as existing members reach their 18th birthday and we need to find replacements to fill their place. When we recruit for new members we will provide information about this here on the website.

You can find out how to join the Youth Panel here

Youth Panel blogs

The Youth Panel often write about their experiences of being a member of the panel and about the work they have been involved in, and also about issues that are affecting children and young people.

You can read the Youth Panel’s blogs here 

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