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Policy and Research team

The Policy and Research team works to fulfil NICCY’s statutory duties to monitor, and provide advice on, government delivery on children’s rights and best interests.

To inform our work we gather data through:

  • Hearing directly from children and young people through direct engagement, research or surveys
  • Requesting information from government
  • Information coming through our Legal and Casework team
  • Desk research identifying relevant secondary data
  • Information from other organisations working with children and young people
  • Undertaking research ourselves
  • Commissioning research from external organisations.

We integrate the information from these sources to inform our advice to government. Children’s rights are the standard by which we assess government delivery, and we particularly draw on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child to analyse delivery for children and young people.

You can find the reports we produce here.

Policy Advice

We also provide advice in a range of other ways, through:

  • Meeting with practitioners and policy makers to discuss issues affecting children
  • Giving written advice on policies or legislation as early as possible in their development
  • Providing submissions and evidence to Assembly and Westminster Committees on legislation they are scruitinising or policy areas they are examining
  • Publishing policy papers that provide information on key issues which affect children and young people and set out recommendations that government should act on.Policy Advice

You can find information on our advice to government here on our publication page, as well as on our Key Issues sections.

Click here to find out more about how the UNCRC and how it informs our work.

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