30th Anniversary Pledges

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NICCY Dudes Anniversary Koulla and Children

Becoming a Child Rights Defender

Each participant received a pledge card that they could complete once they received 5 Rights Challenge stickers and a NICCY Challenge sticker.

On these, they told us how they plan to take action to promote and protect Children’s Rights. Information supplied on the pledge cards will be summarised to help us correlate actions coming out of the event and be used to help NICCY’s future work on protecting children’s rights.

Here’s a sample of some of the pledges:

“I will help everyone, tell my friends and share what we have done today and make everyone feel safe and help everyone be a rights child!”

Pupil from Ballycraigy Primary School, Antrim

“I will respect everyone’s opinions because everybody is unique.”

Pupil from Ballysillan Primary School, Belfast

“I will defend kids if they’re being bullied.”

Pupil from Blackwater Integrated College, Downpatrick

“I will do my best to defend all children.”

Pupil from Dunclug College

“I will defend child rights, report bullying and help people get food.”

Pupil from Fane Street primary School, Belfast

“I will make sure that all children know their rights and are treated  kindly and with respect from everyone around them.”

Young person from the Fostering Networ

“I will observe, protect and defend the rights of children all across the world.”

Young person from Lenamore Youth Club, Derry

“I will do more for children’s rights and the rights of children with special needs.”

Pupil from Loreto Grammar School, Omagh

“I will protect them [rights] and make sure everyone has got them and are safe. I will only be satisfied when everyone has got them.  I promise to protect them forever.”

Pupil from Loughview Integrated Primary School, Belfast

“I will keep young people safe and give them a voice.”

Young person from the NI Youth Forum

“I will defend the rights of homeless.”

Pupil from St. Columba’s College, Portaferry

“Make sure that everyone is equal.”

Pupil from Saints and Scholars Primary School, Armagh

“I will help all children if in need. I will make children happy if they are upset and if they are lonely, I will cheer them up and play with them and they won’t be lonely.”

Pupil from St. Joseph’s Primary School, Antrim

“I will remind other young people of their rights so they can live a happy life and not be afraid. I will speak out about the rights we have to help others who don’t know about them.”

Pupil from Strathern School

“I will stick up for my rights as a defender.”

Young person from Youth First

Here is a word-cloud representing the pledges: