NICCY’s Youth Panel support and advise on all aspects of the Commissioner’s work.

The European Network of Young Advisors (ENYA) is a group of young people from across Europe and the Eastern Caucuses which supports the work of the European Network of Ombudspersons for Children (ENOC). Each year the Young Advisors work on an issue set by ENOC to develop a set of recommendations. The theme for this year is Children and Young People’s Mental Health. A subgroup from NICCY’s Youth Panel worked to develop three calls to decision makers to feed in to the ENYA project:

  • Show us how to be proactive in promoting good Mental Health
  • Address stigma, so we can ask for help
  • Make sure there are appropriate services when and where we need them

Two NICCY Youth Panel members were selected to represent the group at the ENYA meeting in Barcelona in June. They have each written blogs to document their experience.

For Children’s Mental Health week 2018 members of the Youth Panel have written a series of blogs that explore how children and young people’s mental health can be affected. Each blog considers the issue of mental health and wellbeing through a different lens.

These blogs are written by youth panel members and are their own thoughts and opinions.

For more information please contact a member of the participation team on 02890311616 or

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