Children’s right to health & protection from violence or abuse

HLCO 5: All children and young people will enjoy the best possible health and will be protected from all forms of violence, abuse, neglect or mistreatment.

Summary of our work

NICCY has eight High Level Corporate Objectives (HLCO) and under number Five we are working on the following:

We will work to ensure that children and young people in NI have improved emotional health and mental well-being. We will do this by gathering information on the accessibility and effectiveness of child and adolescent mental health services, and listening to the experiences of children and young people themselves.  We will advise on key developments in relation to Health and Social Care, as they affect children and young people. We will work to ensure that children are properly protected, particularly in relation to Child Sexual Exploitation and improving the criminal justice system for child victims of sexual violence. We will also work on the continuing legacy of the conflict, and on ensuring that children and young people have Equal Protection from physical assault or punishment in the same way as adults.