Children Campaign for Education for Everyone

22 January 2011 News

THE BELONG project in Armagh were today recognised for their Make it Right campaigning on Children and Education, by the Commissioner for Children and Young People, Patricia Lewsley.

The Commissioner’s ‘Make it Right’ campaign, encourages children, young people, parents, carers, and teachers to campaign on children’s rights and bring their messages directly to the attention of decision-makers.

To raise awareness of the importance of education, with a specific emphasis on the role of migrants and their educational rights, the BELONG project ran series of events at Newry Lithuanian Saturday School, Armagh Bulgarian Education and Entertainment Club, Portadown Lithuanian School and the Dungannon Language Club.

At the events children created posters and drawings about the history of their schools and what their culture and education meant to them.

“I congratulate everyone at the BELONG Project for their successful campaigning” said Ms Lewsley. “Last month I presented BELONG’s messages together with other children and young people’s campaigns directly to our Government Ministers, I asked them to listen, to value and to act now on what children and young people in Northern Ireland have to say about issues that affect them.”

This month through the ‘Make it Right’, NICCY is campaigning about safeguarding in Northern Ireland and calls for a range of actions to be taken to ensure that children and young people are appropriately protected from abuse and neglect.

You can find more information on NICCY’s Make it Right campaign here or call 028 9031 1616.