Commissioner Supports Ongoing Work to Address Child Sexual Exploitation

30 May 2014 News

30 May 2014

NICCY continues to be deeply concerned about the safety and wellbeing of young people affected by sexual exploitation. We are aware of a number of identified young people whose circumstances are subject to ongoing investigations, inquiries and reviews. Child sexual exploitation represents a gross violation of young people’s fundamental rights to safety. It challenges all agencies involved in children’s lives to ensure they are effectively protecting them from abuse.

Although, the legislation which governs NICCY’s role does not allow it to carry out an investigation or inquiry whilst others are ongoing, I have taken other actions to support this important area of work. Some of these are outlined below:

• Ongoing facilitation of roundtable meetings with Government Officials and Statutory Authorities involved in key strands of work related to child sexual exploitation in Northern Ireland.

• Scheduled relevant face to face meetings with Ministers and key statutory officials in accordance with NICCY’s monitoring role.

• Supported the Independent Inquiry’s work. This has included encouraging individuals and groups to provide primary evidence and facilitating engagement with the NICCY youth panel to advise on how to communicate messages about sexual exploitation to young people

Further information on key strands of work