Consultation for draft Corporate Plan ‘Children’s Rights: From Rhetoric to Reality’ is officially launched

31 October 2023

NICCY has launched its draft Corporate Plan ‘Children’s Rights: From Rhetoric to Reality’ which outlines its strategic priorities for the next four years. Easy-Read version available here.

Front page cover of our draft corporate planThis plan sets out our high-level objectives and builds on the achievements and progress of work carried out on the objectives identified in the previous plan.    

Commissioner for Children and Young People, Chris Quinn, said: “Having just started my term as Commissioner in September 2023 I came into office highly motivated and determined to effect change for children and young people.  

“Building on the work of my predecessors, it is my intention to carry the baton forward and raise the bar even higher.  

“We need to not only give our children the best start in life but the contexts in which to live their best lives.” 

The draft plan is underpinned with six strategic priorities:-

Incorporation – Ensure that Children’s and Young People’s Rights are respected, promoted and protected. 

Rights – Highlight and address critical issues which adversely affect Children and Young People.   

AdvocacyAddress breaches of Children’s and Young People’s Rights.  

Knowledge – Raise awareness of Children’s and Young People’s Rights, the UNCRC and the functions of the Commissioner.  

Participation – Promote the participation of Children and Young People in decision making.  

Effectiveness – Ensure NICCY is an effective and efficient Organisation.   

The draft Plan aims to focus on NICCY’s work to safeguard and promote the rights of children and young people. 

To help shape its direction, the Commissioner’s office is encouraging all individuals, organisations and groups who work with children and young people to respond to the consultation. 

The consultation period for the draft Corporate Plan will run for 12 weeks from 30th October September 2023 until 8th January 2024. 

Please take time to submit your response to our draft Corporate Plan here.

Responses to the consultation can also be sent to Cara-Jayne@NICCY.ORG.