New Children’s Commissioner Formally Welcomed

20 December 2006 News

The new Commissioner for Children and Young People, Patricia Lewsley, was yesterday formally announced at a press conference in the NICCY Offices by Minister for Children and Young People Maria Eagle.

Barney McNeany, the interim Commissioner, welcomed the Minister and Ms Lewsley to the NICCY offices.

Ms Lewsley will be taking up the post in the January.

NICCY will not be issuing any further statements on the appointment until that date.

Notes to editors:

  • Please note Ms Lewsley will be taking up post on the 8th of January and will not be available for further comment until then
  • You can read Ms Lewsley’s biography here
  • You can read Ms Lewsley’s inaugural speech here
  • Barney McNeany will continue as the interim Commissioner until Ms Lewsley takes up post, after which time he will revert to his post of Chief Executive of NICCY
  • You can find out more including the Press Release from OFMDF on the announcement of the new Commissioner here
  • You can read the press release from the Children and Young People’s Unit of OFMDFM here

For more information please contact Andrew McGall on 028 9031 1616 or