NI Children’s Commissioner Delighted Children’s Bill to Become Law

3 November 2015 News

Children's Bill Passing.JPG

Co-operation is way forward for Children’s Services

The Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People, Koulla Yiasouma, speaking as Steven Agnew’s (MLA) Children’s Services Co-Operation Bill today passed its final stage in the Assembly stated:

“I am delighted by the news that the Bill has finally crossed the line, passing the final stage and progressing now for Royal Assent. This is a very good day for Children and Young People here and I want to wholeheartedly congratulate Steven and his Team, the Officials, and Political Representatives from all Parties who have played their part in making this happen. This Bill provides a strong mechanism to ensure a much more joined up approach to how Government provides and delivers services for Children and Young People.”

“There is a considerable weight of evidence that very clearly shows, when there is full and meaningful co-ordination of children’s services, it has a positive impact on the lives of all our children and young people, and particularly for our most vulnerable.  It also shows that duplication is avoided and monies saved – very important in the current economic climate.”

“This is why the Bill is so significant, it will mean statutory agencies and departments have a duty to co-operate, working together in the planning, commissioning and delivery of children’s services.”

“The Bill therefore has the potential to have far reaching benefits and make real and positive change, but it must be fully implemented so that this potential is realised.  I therefore encourage all those involved to take up this challenge, to ensure the Bill really does make a difference to the lives of all our Children and Young People. ”


Notes to Editors

  • NICCY spoke at the introduction of the Bill in January (2015) –you can view the release here andview the speech here.
  • The Executive is required to develop a ‘children and young persons’ strategy’ setting out the actions it will take to deliver on children’s well-being, and provides an enabling mechanism to allow departments or agencies to share resources in accordance with this aim. Requirements relating to reporting, provision of guidance and the preparation of the Programme for Government are also included in the legislation.
  • For more information please contact NICCY’s Communications team at 028 9031 1616 or