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Legal and Investigations

NICCY’s Legal and Investigations team deal with queries and complaints from children, young people, their carers and relevant professionals about the services they receive from public bodies. These services include education, health and transport as well as many more. If children and young people have problems in relation to public bodies, they can seek help from the team who can offer assistance at various different levels.

Areas of Work

The Legal and Investigations team cover two different areas of work within NICCY:

  • Investigations If you have a complaint that is likely to affect other children and young people, we may investigate the issue to make sure we are getting the best outcome for as many children and young people as possible. We will talk to you about this once we have looked at the detail of your complaint. Investigations will be carried out on an independent basis, where we will investigate the facts of the issue, produce a report with our conclusions and, if appropriate, make recommendations. You can find out more here.
  • Legal work - we intervene in legal cases, and take legal cases on issues which affect the rights of children. You can find out more information, including examples of our legal work here
  • Casework - we also deal with casework which involves taking forward individual complaints from children and young people or their parents or carers. You can find out more information here.
The team have a range of publications that support and provide more information on their work, you can view them here.

You can find out more about the members of the team here.

You can contact the Legal and Investigations team here.

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