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How NICCY can help

NICCY can investigate complaints made by children and young people or those who care for them, about the actions of relevant authorities. You can find out more about our investigations here. 

The term relevant authorities covers many bodies such as schools, health care providers and anyone else providing a function of government. If you are unsure if your complaint is about a relevant authority please feel free to contact us.

We understand that you may have questions before you wish to submit a complaint. We have provided answers to the most frequently asked questions here. We provide a free, independent and impartial service.

How you can make a complaint

If you wish to submit a complaint please complete the form below and submit it directly or download the form here and email it to: legalteam@niccy.org

Please Note: we will be unable to help you if you are already being helped by another organisation. 

PLEASE NOTE: in the form the fields with an * (asterisk) are compulsory, this means you need to complete them before you can send (submit) the form to us. 

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E.g. school, health care provider, Trust etc

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