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How We Work

The Policy and Research work over the following two areas:


We gather information from a range of sources and, when we need to, either commission or conduct research on important issues affecting children and young people. This provides us with evidence about whether or not children’s rights are being protected. Usually these reports focus on specific issues and have a small number of recommendations that government should act on. We use participatory methods as far as possible so children and young people can be directly involved in our research. This can include children advising us on a project, taking part in research or being involved in peer research.

You can find our research publications here


We provide advice on children’s rights and best interests, through:

  • Meeting with practitioners and policy makers to discuss issues affecting children.
  • Giving written advice on policies or legislation as early as possible in their development
  • Providing submissions and evidence to Assembly and Westminster Committees on legislation they are scruitinising or policy areas they are examining.
  • Publishing policy papers that provide information on key issues which affect children and young people and set out recommendations that government should act on.

You can find our policy advice here. 

For more information please contact us here

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